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"Something I Said" is my new book!


This book is a lovely collection of selected newpaper columns I've written for my local paper, The Newnan Times Herald over the last several years, about food, gardening, and life.


They run the gamut: informative, funny, serious, opinionated, literary, thought provoking, insightful, and unexpected. All entertaining. You just never know what I'll say in the next column.


There will be book sequels as the columns pile up from here. I'll be at this column-writing business for a very long time.


As always, thanks for reading my stuff. I love you all.



To buy on Amazon click here.

(Click on title to read an excerpt)

The Veterinarian's Wife, A Memoir.

Why was there a calf in our bathtub, and a pig in my car? Who was the leggy blonde who became the love of my life when we rescued him from a pseudo psychiatrist, an abusive, real-life Cruella Deville? What happens when a wife and mother spins all the domestic plates: marriage, children, career, depression, therapy, a return to school late in life, aging, grandchildren, and retirement while her husband focuses on a career requiring life and death decisions every day?

As the wife of a veterinarian, I have so much to tell from my perspective. I’ve written a memoir full of personal essays, snapshots in time. My stories are an inside peek into the veterinarian’s world and that of his wife. Who doesn’t love stories with animals? Along with the animals are reflections of our personal lives. All these stories engender laughter, tears, joy, despair, insight, anger, and wonderment. We have experienced fully human, impactful lives, full of triumphs and losses, professional and personal, his, mine, *and* ours.

How did we manage together? We couldn’t be more different: he is a rugged outdoorsman and workaholic; I am a city girl with refined tastes and was a diva with a singing career. He cares nothing about clothes. I have a walk-in closet full. He is quiet. I performed for a living. I toured Europe with the Atlanta Symphony, while he took our boys mud-boggin’ at the county raceway. He has no sense of aesthetics. I have a degree in art. If it weren’t for me, he says, we’d be living in a block hut with dirt floors. I say over my dead body. How did we make it through fifty years together? How did we support each other? What happened when we lost our way for a while? How did we save our marriage? Why are we happy? What did each of us sacrifice and compromise in favor of our careers, marriage, and children?

And really, why *was* there a calf in our bathtub, and a pig in my car?


Go find out. The book is available on Amazon now and everywhere books are sold.